It is no longer news that we are going through a period of economic recession. A recession is a period when there is a general decline in economic activities resulting to heavy drop in household spending which affects most people. Undoubtedly this is a most challenging period of our lives as a nation and as individuals. The problem is already overwhelming to most household as many families are increasing finding it difficult to make ends meet.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), declining health and rising poverty are the two biggest challenges facing us today. Coupled with the problems of lack of infrastructure, poor healthcare facilities, no electricity, massive job loss, closure of businesses, increasing stress level and high rate of unemployment,   the problem is becoming more and more devastating.

This call for pragmatic actions because folding your hands and be apportioning blames between the various successive administrations in Nigeria will never solve the problem.

Some few days ago, the immediate past Minister of Education in Nigeria, Mr. Adamu Adamu revealed that the number of out of school children in Nigeria has risen to about 13.2 million. Talking about healthcare, it has been observed that about 82% of Nigerians lack access to quality healthcare services in Nigeria.

Listen, no matter how hard things may be now; there are some expenditures that you cannot afford to do without. For instance, if your child drops out of school because of lack of money, that child can still go back to school in the nearest foreseeable future. You can afford to cut down your expenses on laundry, you can park your car if there no money to maintain the car, etc.

But, for someone with a chronic health issue like heart disease, cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure or diabetes, the only option that you have to live is proper medical treatment. Unfortunately so many people are really finding it difficult coping with the challenges of managing their health challenges especially at this period of recession.

Over 85% of patients suffering from chronic health challenges mentioned above are actually depending on family members, friends and well wishers for support. Most times such helps may not come when needed resulting to deterioration of the situation and or death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), chronic disease is the cause of 70% of deaths in the U.S. In addition, chronic health problems account for nearly $3 trillion (90%) of the total $3.3 trillion spent annually in our country on medical care.

Why should this write-up concern you? I need to remind you that chronic illness is both persistent and long lasting. Usually it starts with an insignificant unusual feeling but get progressively worse especially when proper care was not taking. Most people do not take proper medical care, not because they don’t need it but because there is no money.

Another truth that I must remind you here is that, your medical and other living expenses are likely to escalate as you grow older. According to the CDC, 90% of seniors have at least one chronic condition and 70% have two or more.

This is why these tips that I am sharing with you here could serve as a life-saver especially at this period of recession. Don’t forget also that, for some, a chronic disease can cut short a career. This means less income to support the family. That is why you must take these tips seriously.

Tip # 1: Try to Identify the Root Cause of your Health Challenge: Most people waste their hard earned money treating symptoms of diseases only without actually attacking the root cause. This is like cutting grass instead of uprooting it. Of course it will keep growing back again and again. Every health challenge begins from the cellular level; if your cells are healthy you will have a very robust health. If your cells are sick your health will definitely suffer. Perhaps you do not know that at every second of the day, your cells are constantly under severe attack by toxic substances from free radicals, inflammation and environmental toxins.

These unrestricted attacks disorganize the cells metabolic functions and if unchecked could result to cell death. This is what causes high blood pressure/hypertension, erectile dysfunction, stroke, diabetes, etc. There is a new medical breakthrough product that can help our cells to overcome these violent attacks and be healthy and live longer but unfortunately many people are not aware of it. To know more about this product contact +2348033291724 (Call/SMS/Whatsapp).

Tip # 2: Change your Investment Portfolio: As I explained earlier, the truth is that as we grow older in life, our expenditure on healthcare is likely to be on the increase. It may interest you to know that every individual passes through three health Zones: Vibrant Zone (from age 0 – 25); tired zone (from age 26-50) and sick zone (from age 50 and above). When you are within the Vibrant Zone (age 0-25), your glutathione level is usually very high, your cells are still vibrant and active. But as you age into the tired zone (from age 26-50), your glutathione level begins to decline and you will begin to notice some symptoms like general body weakness, poor sexual performance, inability to sleep well, etc.

Statistics has shown that most people even before going into the sick zone are already battling with life threatening health challenges like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, glaucoma, Kidney/ liver disease, etc. It is said that to be forewarned is to be forearmed, it doesn’t matter the zone that you are now, you can take proactive steps by building an investment portfolio that can convert your medical expenditures into an investment. I don’t know if you are aware that there is an American company operating in over 15 countries including Nigeria.

The company has a fantastic investment package that offers dual benefits to their partners. One of the benefits of the package is that it helps you to convert your expenditures on healthcare into an investment. Another benefit of the package is that, with a one-time small investment you could be earning amazing income in 8different ways. This is like using just one stone to kill two birds – good health and financial freedom. Of course this will prevent needless deaths as a result of lack of money. To know more about the opportunity contact +2348033291724 (Call/SMS/Whatsapp).

It’s not just about you, there are members of your family, friends, colleagues, and even church members that can benefit from this information, feel free to share with them.

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