The bible made us to understand in 3 John 2 that, God cares so much about our health. Now, if God’s wish is for us to be healthy, it therefore implies that sicknesses and diseases were not part of the things He created in our body. But today, chronic or terminal diseases like stroke, cancer, diabetes, high BP, hepatitis, arthritis, etc are so common among us. As you are reading this, I am sure that you know somebody who is either suffering or had died of any of the above named diseases.

Many of the people battling with these health conditions tend to wonder if God still answers prayers. No wonder Proverbs 19: 3 says that people ruin their lives by their own foolishness and they push the blame to God.

Today I want to let you know that no disease is incurable especially when you have strong faith in God plus the knowledge of how to overcome any disease. Please take note; I said faith in God and knowledge. Knowledge here simply means “Know” and “Edge.” That means: “what you know will definitely give you an edge in life.”

I am not here to talk about the spiritual aspect of diseases because I know also that some health conditions could be spiritual and that is why I am encouraging you today to invite Jesus Christ into your life. When He comes into your life, He will take away those spiritual diseases in your body and give you eternal life (life that can never be destroyed).

Now, talking about physical diseases, I want you to understand that every disease starts from our cellular level. As humans, our bodies are composed of trillions of cells. These cells are responsible for all the metabolic activities that go on in our body.

What many of us do not know is that, daily our cells are being attacked by many toxic and harmful things that enter our body through pollution of the air we breathe and the food we eat and also the effects of some metabolic activities in our body. For those of us that live in the cities, the risk is even higher – daily we are inhaling poisonous chemicals from vehicle and generator fumes; we face terrible stress in the traffic and even the fruits and vegetables that we eat are grown with chemicals. Many of us also eat a lot of sugary foods that causes inflammations in our body. All these things produce what is called free radicals which have damaging effects to our cells.

But, because God knows how critical our cells are to our health, He had created some things in our body known as Antioxidants to protect our cells against these violent attackers. Antioxidants are our body’s natural defense mechanism against damaging toxins and free radicals. One of the antioxidants that we all know is vitamin C. Other examples of antioxidants in our body are Vitamin E, vitamin A, and also the carotenoids and selenium. We get all these things through nuts, seeds, vegetables, fish oils and whole grains.

Unfortunately most of these antioxidants can be described as suicide bombers, they attack the toxins and free radicals and at the end they too will die with the enemies. So bad, isn’t it?

But, again, God has also created something more sophisticated to help protect both the cells and our immune system.  It is called GLUTATHIONE. The best way to describe glutathione is the defender of the defenders and the protector of the protectors. Medical scientists call GLUTATHIONE the ultimate cell protector and the mother of all antioxidants.

That’s why, when our glutathione is at the optimal level, our immune system will be very active, our cells will be healthy and we will have a very healthy body.

The bad news is that, once we age past 21 years, our glutathione level starts to decline. As our glutathione continues to decline, at some point our defense system will be compromised and our cells will become overpowered by oxidative stress. As our cells become unhealthy, our overall health will be affected also.

Glutathione has been the focal point of recent research for preventive medicine. As at today, there are over 100,000 published peer-reviewed scientific papers on glutathione; almost three times than that on vitamin C. And, over 80% of these research finding shows that depletion of glutathione is the root cause of over 74 chronic diseases such as cancer, stroke, diabetes, hepatitis, arthritis, kidney/liver diseases, high BP/hypertension, etc.  You can do a personal research on your own or check (United States government official online library of medical researches) and type in “glutathione/hypertension” or glutathione/diabetes”, or any other disease that you wish to find out and see for yourself.

The greatest disease that is killing many people today is ignorance. According to statistics from a Louis Haris poll which reveals that 96% of the people who lay awake at night are worried about their health and finances. So many people today have been battling with diabetes, stroke, high BP, etc. Though they’ve been on medication but the truth is that, no prescription drug can cure any chronic disease; what they only do is to manage the symptoms. 

 If you take a look at the graph above, the red line is your glutathione level while the black line is your oxidative stress level. An individual’s health condition will deteriorate from the point where the red line (glutathione level) intersects with the oxidative stress level (black line). The age at which this happens varies; for some individuals as early as in their 40s, or 50s, etc. in the same way, the symptom of accompanying diseases varies, may be cancer, stroke, arthritis, hypertension, etc.

For most people who have been on medications, for instance BP drugs, they usually experience some negative effects from the drugs but, in as much as they don’t feel like continuing with the drugs, they have no option than to continue using them. That is not the kind of life that God planned for us.

Now, look at the second graph, the optimal glutathione/oxidative stress relationship above, you will discover that, the only lasting solution that will end any chronic disease is to raise your glutathione to a level that is above the oxidative stress level.

Today, we have a product called CELLGEVITY that has been scientifically proven to raise glutathione by 300 percent higher than the next best alternative. The good news is that this product is now available in Nigeria.

Nobody wants to be on any drug forever, especially drugs for chronic diseases. Besides the fact that they are very expensive, their side effects could be very nauseating. So it is very important to take the following steps to maintain good health:
1.     Help your body to continue producing adequate amount of glutathione – through glutathione supplementation.
2.     Maintain a Healthy Weight.
3.     Exercise Regularly.
4.     Create enough time to rest
5.     Avoid Cigarette Smokes and alcohol intake
6.     Eat healthy diet
7.     Go for regular medical checkup

As I conclude this note, let me clarify here that CELLGEVITYis not a drug but a supplement that supplies the body with the ingredients needed to continue producing adequate amount of glutathione. As long as your glutathione level is optimized, chronic diseases will be far from you.

Many people are not aware of this product and  the very few who knows about it think it’s expensive but there are cheaper ways of getting this breakthrough product here in Nigeria; at a rate that is affordable to even the unemployed. Even you that think you are very healthy, you also need CELLGEVITYbecause prevention they say is better than cure.

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