Now more than ever, the world all over are becoming more conscious of their health and wellness. There is increasing concern on weight management, regular physical exercise and healthy nutrition. People are now eager to maintain a healthy heart by avoiding high cholesterol, fats, etc

This new awareness is creating a growing business opportunity in the health and wellness industry. As you can see, the era of oil boom is gone and most likely gone forever. Just recently, Volvo announced that it will stop making petrol and diesel cars from 2019 in favour of electric or hybrid models. It is now obvious that the boom of the future is already happening in the Health & Wellness Industry and the ICT industry.

But according to the bible in Job 2:4, "A man will give up everything he has to save his life." That means no matter the circumstance, health and wellness will continue to be in highest demand. How far are leveraging on this boom in the health and wellness industry? Do you think the opportunity is only for healthcare practitioners and physicians?

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