There is this common assumption that people with parents who reached a very old age before they died are more likely to live to a very old age themselves. But this is not the whole truth, according to a recent research finding by Lars Wilhelmsen (Professor Emeritus of Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Prevention) and his team from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, as published in the Journal of Internal Medicine.

Lars Wilhelmsen and his team observed that, healthy aging and longevity in humans are modulated by not only genetic factors but, our lifestyles and the environment we live.

In another related study, Dr David Demko, after serving on two American government commissions investigating the effects of ageing, believes that a long life is not just a question "of smart genes and dumb luck". In his observations, 80 per cent of the factors that control how long you can live are related to your lifestyle, not your genes. Did you hear that, “80 percentage”! That’s really huge I think.

To further support these research findings, Scientific American (an American popular science magazine), in a recent publication referred to the findings of twin studies which suggests that genetic factors only account for approximately 20 to 30 percent of an individual's chance of surviving to age 85.

And, since we don’t have control of our genes, but we can take control of our lifestyle and environment, it therefore means that the keys to longevity are in our hands.

Talking about lifestyle, the World Health Organisation (WHO) had recommended the RED strategy. RED stands for Rest, Exercise and Diet.

As important as this strategy sounds, so many people today find it very difficult to follow it. Let’s take rest for instance; it has been observed that so many people today actually find it very difficult to rest. In fact the statistics from a Louis Haris poll reveals that 96% of the people who lay awake at night are worried about their health and finances. Most people try as much as possible to rest but worries and anxiety will not allow them.

According to a recent study "sleep deprivation (insomnia) is America's largest, deadliest, and costliest health problem. Although there are no such statistics in Nigeria but there is no doubt that the figures will be even higher considering the present economic situation in the country.

Then when it comes to exercise, so many people do not follow it as a regimen instead, they struggle with it once in a while. One of the biggest challenges that many people usually experience when they perform strenuous exercise is the feeling of exhaustion and muscular pains. Normally during exercise, our body generates most of its energy using aerobic methods (oxygen), but when our body’s energy level is low, it has no other option than to resort to lactic acid. Stephen M. Roth, a professor in the department of kinesiology at the University of Maryland, USA explains that, one of the side effects of high lactic acid levels is an increase in the acidity of the muscle cells, along with disruptions of other metabolites.

He also stated that, the production of lactate and other metabolites during extreme exertion results in the burning sensation often felt in active muscles. This often painful sensation also gets us to stop overworking the body, thus forcing a recovery period in which the body clears the lactate and other metabolites. Now, the time it takes your heart to recover from any given physical exertion, is known as your heart rate recovery time. Heart rate recovery is important because it can be a sign of overall cardiovascular fitness.

For diet, it is just unfortunate that due to high cost of basic food items in our markets today, people no longer eat what they are supposed to eat rather, they just eat what they can afford. Even when you can afford it, are we actually getting the real nutrients from our natural foods, in this our age where everything is chemicalised? The vegetables are grown with fertilizers, the chicken and catfish grown with chemicals, the list goes on.

As noted above that beside lifestyle, another key factor for longevity is our environment. Our environment today is fast becoming uninhabitable and that’s why we are noticing strange diseases that our forefathers never experienced. The air quality in our environment have continuously been severely compromised by air pollution from cigarette smoke, Motor vehicle/generator fumes, common chemicals used for domestic / office cleaning, insecticides, paints and other harmful chemicals.

I need not tell you that we are facing some serious dangers in our world today and that is why, people are no longer living as old enough as our forefathers. There is this saying that life begins at forty but with what we are seeing today, it is more accurate to say 'death begins at forty' as most people today struggle to live much beyond that age.

Just recently a coroner inquest into the death of a popular politician who died at age 62 attributed the cause of his death to excessive use of painkiller drugs. I need to let you know here that, from the way God designed our body’s metabolism, there is nothing in our body that produces diseases rather, diseases enter our body from our environment through the air we breathe, the water and the food that we ingest. Also, our body is designed in such a way to fight back any external attack that is harmful to the body.

There is only one molecule in our body that is responsible for all these tasks; it’s called Glutathione. As you know, human beings are cellular organism, our bodies produce trillions of cells every day and each of these cells need glutathione to succeed and carry out their metabolic functions.

Your overall health is a function of your cellular health, meaning, if your cells are sick, you will undoubtedly be sick. It is our immune system that protects our cells, however, the immune systems on their own need glutathione to protect them hence we may describe glutathione as “The Protector of the Protectors”. This miracle compound (glutathione) is also described as the mother of all antioxidants because unlike other antioxidants that die along side with the toxins they fight, glutathione is the only antioxidant that recycles itself after successfully taking away toxins from the body.

The good news about glutathione is that, it is produced naturally in our body but the bad news is that, once we are past age 21, our glutathione level begins to decline. This decline is what leaves you susceptible to unrestrained cell disintegration from oxidative stress, free radicals and inflammation.

Glutathione deficiency has been attributed to be the root cause of over 75 chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, hypertension, arthritis, poor sexual performance, dementia, autism, etc. When someone gets to this stage, the only available option is cure for what could have been prevented earlier. And this is where prescription drugs come in; to manage the symptoms because, most of such diseases have no cure. The question is this; would you prefer to continue eating drugs like food for the rest of your life?

How do you know that your glutathione level is low?
1.     Sleep Disorders
2.     Constant Headaches
3.     Dizziness
4.     General Weakness/Lack of Energy
5.     Brain “fog”
6.     Joint Pain
7.     Felling of Depression
8.     Frequent Colds
9.     Memory Loss
10.           Etc

For many decades, the subject of glutathione has been the focus of most medical researchers. As at today, there are over 100,000 articles on glutathione published in pubmed (the USA official online library of medical research).

However, even though most of these medical scientists agree that glutathione is the key to maintaining our cellular health, the greatest challenge has been on how to help the body to continue producing this miracle molecule. This is because; glutathione is not like other prescription drugs that can be bought from pharmaceutical shops.

But the good news is that, Dr. Herbert T. Nagasawa, a Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Toxicology, University of Minnesota, USA) has developed a revolutionary molecule known as RiboCeine that effectively delivers cysteine to the cells to support the natural production of glutathione. Riboceine is a product of 25 years of extensive research. So far, the breakthrough technology has received 38 patents and more pending, including NAFDAC and Halal Certification.

RiboCeine significantly outperformed other means of glutathione enhancement against which it has been tested. This claim has been validated by over twenty- two scientific studies funded by the National Institutes of Health, USA and other scientific funding agencies and published in peer-reviewed journals and it is only available at Max International.

I want you to go to google and search “The Glutathione Company” and see for yourself. The company’s flagship product – CELLGEVITY has been described by many as a miracle supplement because, unlike other prescription drugs that treat the symptoms of diseases, Cellgevity attacks the root cause of any known disease. It is a dietary supplement that contains Riboceine and 12 other powerful natural ingredients. It is not a drug but a glutathione enhancement supplement that works to remove damaging toxins from the body; as your glutathione level increases, miracles can happen.

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