Your greatest limitation in life is what you don’t know, not what you don’t have.  Three (3) months already had passed in this year; yet, so many people have not started doing the things they wish to accomplish in this ‘new year’.

Let me ask you this, do you feel comfortable with the way things are going with you? What exactly are the challenges stopping you? Are they within your control or they are beyond your capacity? 

There is no doubt that the present situation of our nation’s economy is causing some kind of uneasiness and many people are really concerned about when the challenges will be over. But, rather than wasting your precious time apportioning blames between the past and the present administration or folding your hands and be wishing that things could just improve over night, I would suggest that the safest thing to do is to find how you can take control of your personal economy.

I know that you are determined to achieve success and live a happier life but, it’s also likely that the challenge before you now is that, you still do not know the easiest way to achieve the kind of success you desire.

Hello, you got to wake up because time is fast running out. Everything you need to achieve a successful life is already within your reach. I am 100% sure of this because, every day, new opportunities are springing up. Perhaps what you need mostly now is to know more about available opportunities that could change your life.

May be deep inside of you, you’ve been struggling with a particular ailment or you are passing through some emotional stress due to financial challenges; there’s no need to continue pretending that all is well. Life is full of limitless possibilities hence you must not allow the challenges of life to box you into one corner. What is the pleasure in waking up every day to go to the same job that you hate the most; yes, you wish you could get something better doing but you are not just prepared to give up on what you have now.

In fact, deep in your heart, you know that you are not just living your desired life. You’ve spent the greater part of your life merely wishing that you could see your dreams come to pass. What can I say about you better than you can do? Nobody knows about you better than you do.

In the words of Bishop T.D. Jakes, “If you have a problem that man or money can solve, then you don't have a problem” listen, there is no need to keep complaining or apportioning blames; it’s even foolishness to contemplate suicide because there is solution already for every challenges that you might be going through right now. I have decided to share this piece with you because one of my favorite bible verses, Proverbs 27:17says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

My dear, don't wait until you are overwhelmed because life is even shorter than you think.  Have you not observed that the death rate of people aged between 40-60years seems to be on the increase? This is because as people enter this age bracket, their level of anxiety becomes high.

They will begin to worry about their failing health, their increasing liabilities and the emerging realities that time is running out and they are still not able to achieve their dreams in life. That will not be your story.

As I conclude this piece, I know there is something inside of you right now whispering to you that you can live better than you are doing now. The problem is that, so many people spend the greater part of their time nurturing their failures than building their success. You share an idea with them and you will hear, “I can’t do it”. What then can you do?

Are you ready to break out from the vicious circle; then it’s time to stop procrastinating. You do have the whole of eternity to keep preparing to live your desired life. Life is like a moving train, it will never wait for you to get prepared. In fact, from my personal experience, I am very sure that you have all what is required to achieve your dreams in life. Perhaps what you need is just a little support.

One of my favorite scriptures also says, "All things are possible to him who believes" - Mark 9:23. Do you believe things can still change for you? According to Jeff Rose, “Most people fail to advance in life because they either don’t recognize opportunity when it’s in front of them, or fail to act on it. It is never for a lack of opportunity”.

So, are you determined to live healthier, happier and more fulfilling life beginning from today? Do you think your life could become better if you offered an opportunity on part-time and be earning about N458, 000 or US$1,200 every month? Your educational qualifications or years of experience are not needed; as long as you have a mobile phone that is internet ready.

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