It was William Henry Harrison, the ninth President of the United State of America (1841) who said in an October 1, 1840 speech, “It is true democratic feeling, that all the measures of the government are directed to the purpose of making the rich richer and the poor poorer, to exasperate at once the extremes of luxury and want.”

It’s now about 176 years ago since President William Henry Harrison made that speech but you will agree with me that as at today, the world has witnessed the emergence of many millionaires and billionaires who were self made, without any single support from the government.

One of such notable persons is Mark Zuckerberg, the self made billionaire and founder of facebook, the world’s most prolific social media site. According to Forbes Magazine 2016 World's Billionaires ranking, Mark Zuckerberg had the best year of all billionaires. The young man added $11.2 billion to his fortune and moved up to No. 6 from 16.

Yesterday, 30th August, 2016, the 32-year-old tech entrepreneur surprisingly made a sudden visit to Nigeria. While delivering some brief remarks yesterday at the Co-Creation Hub in Yaba, Lagos, Mr. Zuckerberg hinted that his visit in Nigeria is to learn more about the entrepreneurial space and activities in Nigeria.

Since his arrival yesterday most social media sites are already awashed with his pictures and I know for sure that, most of the people that will be attending his press conference today at Eko Hotel and Suites will be more interested in having a joint photograph with him than learning anything from his entrepreneurial wisdom.  

So, using Mr. Zuckerberg as a reference, I wish to share with you some of the reasons why the rich will always continue to get richer while the poor get poorer.

NUMBER 1 - THE MINDSET: Thomas Stanley and William Danko, authors of the book, “The Millionaire Next Door”, observed that, most wealthy people and self-made millionaires drive used cars, live in average neighborhoods, wear average priced clothes and watches and are very careful with their money.  They further pointed out that, there are two classes of people, “Those who look rich, and those who are rich.” True wisdom and honesty therefore requires that you must be one of those people who are genuinely rich, rather than those who spend a lot of money trying to buy riches whereas they are poor.

Mark Zuckerberg flew into Nigeria yesterday putting on a simple T-shirt and a jean trouser. When I saw that, my mind went to a twit that someone shared on linkedin last week that says, “Men in suits look really successful until you find out they work for the men in T-shirts and jeans”.

Also, Mark Zuckerberg did not come to Nigeria because he is interested in our oil. The rich do not go where the path may lead; instead they go where there is no path and leave a trail. But, the poor is only comfortable following old tracks and the most unfortunate thing is that, they only know people who had tried and failed.   

YOUR NETWORK: According to Robert Kiyosaki, bestselling author of the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, “The richest people in the world look for and build networks; everyone else looks for work.” Mark Zuckerberg will not have ranked the 6th richest man in the whole world without the 1.65 billion monthly active users on his network. Before his visit to Nigeria, Mr. Zuckerberg and his wife were in Rome, Italy this week where he met with the Pope. He is still committed to expanding his network.

Show me one billionaire that became so successful without a strong network base and I will show you a thousand people that are living poor because they have no network. Today, so many people hate anything that has to do with network business but whether you agree with me or not, networking is the new face of entrepreneurship.

Aliko Dangote is still the richest black person in the world, but he wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without quality managers, financiers, financial advisers, a strong marketing network, etc. Listen, when you are working alone, the day you fall sick, your business will be sick, the day you do not work, you will not earn. But with a network business, even when you are sleeping, sick or unable to work, you will be earning.

For instance, just last week, a woman saw one of my posts on my facebook page about a product called Cellgevity and showed interest to buy. I simply gave her the company’s website so that she can buy it online and the following day, I just discovered that the company had paid me N12,000 as commission for just referring the woman to buy the product from them. And do you know what, anytime the woman buys the product from the company in the future or she refers someone else to buy, I will still be paid 25% of the value. You can see that network business has made it easier for people to be making money, if you are not taking advantage of it what a pity.

YOUR GOAL: While the rich is determined and committed to building residual income, the poor only focus on making a living. Residual income is income that keeps coming to you long after you stop working. It is different from salary or living wage. Salary is only bait which employers use to entice their workers so that they will continue to put in their best without thinking of quitting. The rich know that it is practically impossible to build residual income from salary and that is why they are always committed to building a wider network base so that even when they stop working, they will still be earning as long as their network is still actively working. As a salary earner, once you stop working; which is sure to happen, even if it is not today but someday, you will stop to earn. Many people do not realize this while they are still working because their goal is not to build residual income rather to be earning a living wage.

Again, it is only network business that enables you to build residual income. Don’t be deceived by your pay check, one day it will stop coming and ironically, your bills will still be coming. In fact, as you grow older, you are most likely to face more challenges especially in maintaining your health. Poverty is the number one killer disease and it is so sad that people are still living so unconcerned today and just wishing that tomorrow will be better.

WAITING ON LUCK: There is this common believe by many people that the rich are only being lucky but the truth is that, even the rich people never trust luck. Someone said, “We all keep waiting for luck to smile on us, but do not realize that luck smiles only on the brave and the brave never wait for luck.” The rich can’t afford to leave anything to chance. They insure their lives, their property, they network with Only Quality People, they eat healthy foods and they always want to avoid the worst possible things that could happen in any situation.

But the poor believes that “what’s go na be, go na be.” They will say, “all die na die”. “Nothing dey happen”. And that is why they are always taking unawares. The poor live with more regrets; when they see someone succeeding in an opportunity that they discarded in the past, they will say had I known. They will tell you such and such person used to be my classmate, my age mate, etc.

Hello, let me tell you, the key to success is to open your mind to learn and unlearn. What you knew yesterday might not still be relevant today. Nobody was born a pilot, engineer, a lawyer, etc. I can understand why you do not like network business; nobody taught you that course in school. I did entrepreneurship as a course in school and I can’t remember if Dr. S.I Owualah mentioned anything like that in any of his lectures that I attended.

But today, by God’s grace, I think I have discovered the pathway to building, not just residual income but fortune. Majority of the people that criticize network business never tried it or maybe they tried it thinking it is a get-rich quick system.

With as little as N50,000 today, you can start your own business and start building residual income. With the present economic situation of the country, so many people are becoming poorer but some few people are also getting richer.

Year 2016 is gradually coming to an end with exactly 4 months left. May be you are already overwhelmed with feelings of disappointment and frustration because you’ve not been able to achieve any meaning result this year. But, all hope is not lost. I have some few questions for you:
  • Do you have the gut to pursue your dreams and goals?
  • Are you ready to break every barrier and start living fulfilled?
  • Are you ready to achieve more than just living but making a significant impact in life?
  • Are you ready to break loose from your present financial challenges?

If your answer to the above questions is YES, then I wish to invite you to take up what is called the MAX INTERNATIONAL’S 90DAYS CHALLENGE. In 90days, you could achieve the above 4 goals. What will it take you to achieve this?

On May 25, 1961, when John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of USA asked Werner Von Braun, the first director of America's National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), what it would take to put a man on the moon, Van Braun answered simply: "The will to do it." Be rest assured that the 90 DAYS CHALLENGE is not as complicated as putting a man on the moon...! "The will to do it" is the only requirement to achieve your goals within 90days.

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