So many people today are truly desiring to start their own personal business but what is holding them back is either lack of capital or not knowing how and the best kind of business to start. These challenges no doubt have been a huge mountain stopping people from achieving their desired kind of life.  Today, by the grace of God, I wish to share with you just one very simple approach that you can follow to start and grow your business.

But before I proceed, I just want to share with you some 5 common misconceptions that people hold about starting a business which you must erase completely from your mind if you must achieve your dreams of owning your business.

Misconception #1: YOU MUST HAVE ENOUGH MONEY BEFORE YOU CAN START A BUSINESS. This is not true because, there are several businesses that you can start with as low as N50, 000 or even zero naira; it all depends on the level of your determination.

Misconception #2: YOU MUST HAVE TO DEVELOP A GREAT PRODUCT OR IDEA BEFORE YOU CAN START A BUSINESS. This also is not true. If you are very determined to start your own business but do not have the idea of the best business to start, what you do is to look out for already established big businesses that markets products that suits your interest and find how you can partner with them. Today, over 100 of such business opportunities exist.

Misconception #3: OWNING YOUR OWN BUSINESS IS VERY RISKY. This is not true also. There are business opportunities that are 100% risk free which means, even if the business fails, the worst that you can get is the exact amount that you invested.

Misconception #4: YOU NEED TO HAVE SOME SPECIAL SKILLS BEFORE YOU CAN START A BUSINESS.There is no doubt that skill is very necessary in business but it is never a limiting factor because most business owners are not even as skilled as the employees that work for them.

Misconception #5: YOU NEED TO RENT A SHOP OR OFFICE SPACE BEFORE YOU CAN START A BUSINESS.  According to an economic survey, over 69 Percent of successful U.S. entrepreneurs started their businesses from their home. In this age of Information & Communication Technology (ICT), your mobile phone, tablets and laptop computer could be all what you need to start a business.

Now, the simple approach to starting your own small business which I will be sharing with you shortly knocks off all the above 5 misconceptions. This means, you can actually start a multi-million naira business today with:
i.                     As little as N50,000 capital
ii.                   With a world class product that is already in high demand
iii.                 100% risk free meaning you can get your N50,000 back in the event that you cannot continue the business again
iv.                 You do not need any special skill or educational qualification (as long as you can read and write)
v.                   You do not need an office space or hire anybody to work for you

The traditional approach to entrepreneurship, which many people are used to, has made the process of starting a business so tedious and it is a pity that so many people are still glued to it. Although many people wish they could start their own business but, they are so reluctant to open up their mind to learn new ways of making their wishes a reality. So, your willingness to learn and unlearn is the key to actualizing your dreams of owning your business.   

The modern or contemporary approach to entrepreneurship tries to demystify the whole process of starting and running a business. That means, you do not have to continue worrying about raising startup capital of over N100,000, you do not have to worry about spending money to develop a product or business idea, you do not have to worry about overhead costs (rent, electricity bill, wages, etc) and you do not have to worry about marketing your products.

If you truly desire to have your own business, you do not have to be kept down by your inability to create a business plan or create a non existing product; you only need to find a reputable company, one that you trust, that offers a product or service you believe in and you can get passionate about. Like I said earlier, there are companies that allow you to use their already established products and platform to build your own business.

Apart from allowing you to use their platform, some of these companies offer free business support in terms of skill training, business strategies and also offer other necessary assistance to help you succeed. It is interesting to note that such companies already exist in Nigeria but it is only very few people that know about it that are benefiting from them.
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